Analyses and reports

Pursuant to section 3 para. 3 no. 8 of the Act on Quality Assurance in Higher Education (HS-QSG) as amended, AQ Austria is responsible for conducting studies and system analyses, for performing reviews, and carrying out projects.
Within the scope of its responsibility, AQ Austria conducts analyses and reviews on topics of focus and on cross-sectional issues that concern more than one higher education institution (HEI) or the entire higher education system. Areas of focus include the aspect of quality improvement, advancing the teaching and learning quality, and encouraging innovation among HEIs.


One of AQ Austria’s tasks in connection with reporting as specified in section 28 HS-QSG as amended is to systematically record over the long term the activities by accredited and certified HEIs and to assess developments. This is done by referring to the reports published by HEIs, to existing data and to study findings.
Alongside supporting quality improvement among higher education institutions, another objective of AQ Austria is to integrate the findings obtained through analyses and reports into the agency's immediate activities. The findings support AQ Austria in its efforts to further develop and to continuously improve the external quality assurance procedures it conducts.