Publication to the AQ Austria annual conference 2013

The publication to the AQ Austria annual conference 2013 is now electronically available as "Quality Assurance at Higher Education Institutions: Demands on Quality Assurance and Their Effects". The conference's topics of focus, the demands on quality assurance and their effects, allowed for interesting discussions among the participants from Austria and abroad about current issues of quality assurance at higher education institutions. Please find the conference report here. (in German)

You can order a printed version here. (in German)

Quality Audit Network (QAN)

The Quality Audit Network (QAN) unites European quality assurance agencies conducting review procedures of the internal management of HEI. One of QAN's objectives is to compare the different procedural approaches and to define good practice. Another objective is to improve the procedures. Since the network was founded in 2008, AQ Austria has played a leading role in the work of QAN.

Based on an AQ Austria workshop that was held in April 2013 in Vienna, the agency has now published a comparative analysis of quality audit procedures in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). Please find the publication here.

You can order a printed version here. (in German)


Please find the AQ Austria annual reports here. (in German)

Please find the AQ Austria's project reports and analyses here. (in German)