Legal framework and Costs

Legal framework

The AQ Austria conducts audits in Austria and abroad. Audits are conducted at national public universities and universities of applied sciences (FH). The audit guideline is based on international auditing practice and the European standards (ESG). When conducting audits at HEI abroad, AQ Austria furthermore takes into account the specific legal conditions of the respective countries and the needs of the individual HEI. Click here here to view the audit guideline.

As a result of the Act on Quality Assurance in Higher Education (HS-QSG) as amended, audits have become an established feature of external quality assurance in Austria. An audit examines the organisation and implementation of a HEI's internal quality management system (QMS).

According to section 14 of the Universities Act (UG 2002) and section 2 para. 3 of the University of Applied Sciences Studies Act (FHStG), public universities and FH are required to establish their own QMS in order to assure quality and the attainment of their performance objectives. Certification by audit confirms that a HEI has successfully established its QMS in compliance with the legal requirements.


AQ Austria has issued a guideline that specifies the areas to be audited referred to in section 22 para. 2 HS-QSG as well as the principles underlying the method of procedure for audits.

Audit Guideline (PDF)


AQ Austria is entitled to set and charge a fee for the quality assurance procedures conducted. The fee includes the costs actually incurred by the review as well as a fixed charge for the procedure by AQ Austria.

The Board adopted fixed charges (pursuant to section 20 HS-QSG) for quality assurance procedures at Austrian educational institutions. 


Procedure charges (valid until 3 April 2019) (PDF)

Procedure charges (valid from 4 April 2019) (PDF)

Fixed expense allowance for experts of AQ Austria (valid until 12 March 2019) (PDF)

Fixed expense allowance for experts of AQ Austria (valid from 13 March 2019) (PDF)