Notification of foreign degree programmes

As per resolution of 12 June 2014 the National Council passed an amendment of § 27 Act on Quality Assurance in Higher Education (HS-QSG), governing the registration of foreign degree programmes. The new regulation includes three important changes compared to the former regulation:


  • The degree programmes are no longer due for registration but they are subject to notification (§ 27 para. 1).
  • The Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria (AQ Austria) is responsible for the notification process (§ 27 para. 3).
  • According to § 27 para. 5, foreign higher education institutions (HEIs) offering a corresponding degree programme in collaboration with Austrian educational institutions require a certification issued by AQ Austria „that ensures that the activities undertaken at the Austrian educational institution and the components of the foreign degree programmes meet international academic standards.“ The certification shall be issued on the basis of an evaluation conducted by AQ Austria according to international standards (§ 27 para. 5).

At its meeting on 6 November 2014, the Board of AQ Austria issued a guideline on the performance of the processes according to § 27 HS-QSG, which is attached hereto.


Guideline for the Notification Processes of Transnational Degree Programmes according to § 27 HS-QSG (PDF)

The guideline not only governs the notification process of degree programmes of foreign HEIs in Chapter II, paras. (4) to (6).

In Chapter III, paras. (7) to (35), it also organises the procedure necessary to receive certification according to § 27 para. 5 HS-QSG for Austrian educational institutions, which offers the degree programme or components thereof as the foreign HEI's collaboration partner.