Quality assurance between diversification of higher education institutions and unifications of standars

2nd AQ Austria annual conference on 1 October 2014

The function of quality assurance caught between increasing diversification of HEIs and the higher education system on the one hand and the demand for unification of quality standards on the other hand, as well as issues concerning the current activities in quality assurance are items on the agenda of this year's annual conference. The main presentation attends to quality and quality culture at HEIs and to what challenges diversification pose. The break-out sessions cover topics such as dual degree programmes, "Studierbarkeit", appointment procedures, and research and quality culture. Both plenary discussions address the concept of quality at HEIs from the perspective of the different sectors on the one hand and in an international line up the issue how agencies can react to diversified higher education systems.

The Workshop on Transnational Education and External Quality Assurance in Austria

This workshop was held 18 June 2014, the presentations and a short documentation can be found here. (in German)