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Successful inclusion of AQ Austria (Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria) in the European Quality Assurance Register (EQAR)

At its meeting in Rome on 27th and 28th of November 2014 the Register Committee decided to include AQ Austria in the EQAR. An international expert panel confirmed that AQ Austria applies the ESG for quality assurance agencies in a successful and professional way. The registration is a prerequisite to conduct quality assurance procedures in the European Higher Education Area.


AQ Austria’s president Prof. Dr. Anke Hanft explains further: “This positive decision shows that AQ Austria successfully took the final steps towards international recognition. The decision shows as well the international recognition of Austrian quality assurance procedures.”


The European Register (EQAR) was implemented in 2008 upon a joint recommendation of the Ministers of Education of the Bologna Member States. EQAR aims to provide the public with clear and reliable information on quality assurance agencies which passed an international peer review and execute the European Guidelines in a correct way.

International acknowledgement for AQ Austria is reconfirmed

Again full membership of ENQA for AQ Austria

At its meeting of 18 June 2014, the Board of European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) agreed to reconfirm AQ Austria Full membership of ENQA. ENQA follows the recommendation of an international group of experts and affirmed that AQ Austria is in compliance with the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG). AQ Austria stays a Full member of ENQA. This decision also forms the basis for admission to the European Quality Assurance Register (EQAR), which will meet in autumn.

AQ Austria's president Prof. Dr. Anke Hanft explains further: "AQ Austria is happy about the positive decision of an international expert panel and the ENQA Board. This confirms the consequent international strategy of the agency and strengthens its international recognition. The Agency feels encouraged to keep on its way in order to contribute further to the reputation of the Austrian Higher Education Institutions and their degree programmes within the European Higher Education Area and more."

The experts gave recommendations for further development of the Agency's procedures and the Austrian quality assurance system. AQ Austria will analyse the recommendations and start an action plan for the further development of its procedures. The new regulations concerning the registration of cross-border degree programmes pursuant to § 27 HS-QSG on behalf of the National Council are an important step towards an improved quality assurance of foreign course offerings in Austria. With this newly adopted regulation, Austria lives up to its responsibility vis-à-vis students. In taking this step, Austria facilitates quality assurance in transnational education and strengthens consumer protection for cross-border course offerings.


ENQA Review Report (PDF)

Self evaluation report of AQ Austria (PDF)

Erratum (PDF)