University of Applied Sciences Studies Act (FHStG)
Act on Quality Assurance in Higher Education (HS-QSG)
Decree on the Accreditation of Universities of Applied Sciences 2019 (FH-AkkVO)
FH Annual Reports Ordinance (PDF)
Determination of academic degrees of FH programmes (PDF) 
The accreditation procedure in detail (PDF)
The accreditation procedure in detail with inclusion of BMASGK-experts (PDF) (in German)
Guideline for BMASGK-experts (2015) (PDF) (in German)
Health Care and Nursing Act (GuKG) (in German)
Ordinance on Education and Training in Health Care and Nursing (FHGuK-AV) (in German)
Midwifery Act (HebG) (in German)
Ordinance on Midwifery Education at UASs (FH-Heb-AV)
Federal Act Regulating High Level Allied Health Professions (MTD-Gesetz) (in German)
Ordinance on Bachelor Degree Programmes providing Education for High Level Allied Health Professions at UASs (FH-MTD-AV)
Act on education reservation (federal law prohibiting the education of professional activities regulated by health legislation in the regard against unauthorized institutions) (in German)
Act on health care professional register - GBRG (in German)
Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG) (PDF)
Explanations to the interpretion of the criteria § 17 para 1 lit. b Accreditation regulation for private universities respectively § 17 para 1 lit. e Accreditation regulation for FH programmes (PDF) (in German)

Recommendations ot the Austrian Bologna Follow-Up group for the implementation of the ECTS-guideline of the European Commission (Version 2015) (PDF) (in German)
ECTS-guideline of the European Commission (Version 2015) (PDF) (in German)
Definition of dual study of the platform dual study Austria (PDF) (in German)
Diploma Supplement (in German)