Accreditation in Germany

On 3 June 2013, the Accreditation Council decided on AQ Austria's certification for conducting system and programme accreditation in Germany. Accreditation certifies compliance with the criteria laid down by the Accreditation Council for system or programme accreditation.

Accredited quality assurance systems and degree programmes are awarded the quality seal of the Accreditation Council.

Accreditation procedures are based on the Rules for the accreditation of degree programmes and for system accreditations. AQ Austria has laid down procedural rules and criteria for the decisions on accreditation in the Handbook for system accreditation in Germany. (in German)

The procedural rules comply with the principles of the ESG (PDF). AQ Austria thereby ensures international recognition of the German quality assurance system and enhances international recognition of the degree programmes.

Accreditation procedure

The HEI files an application documenting that all criteria are met. After AQ Austria formally verified the filed application and, if necessary, requested modifications, an expert panel is appointed to evaluate the institution's quality assurance system or the degree programme(s). As a rule, the agency conducts an on-site visit for this purpose. During talks with representatives of all areas within the applicant institution, the expert panel members (reviewers) assure themselves of the institution's and its studies' quality and that the prerequisites for accreditation are met. The reviewers subsequently write a report, which, together with the HEI's comment on the review report, is the basis for the Board's decision on accreditation. In its decision, the Board is independent and not bound by any instructions. The AQ Austria subsequently publishes a report on the outcome including the Board's decision as well as the grounds for the decision and the review report.

The international certification procedure in detail (PDF) (in German)


Accreditation Council
The Accreditation Council's rules for the accreditation of degree programmes and for system accreditations
Common structural guidelines of the Länder for the accreditation of Bachelor's and Master's study courses (in German)
Handbook for system accreditation in Germany (PDF) (in German)