Accreditation in Germany

System Accreditation

On system accreditation the internal quality management system of a HEI ist evaluated. AQ Austria is recognized by the German Accreditation Council as accreditation agency and carries out system accreditation procedures in accordance with the provisions of the Model Law Order (MRVO), which determines whether the qualiy management system complies with the relevant criteria in accordance with §§ 11-21 MRVO. AQ Austria subsequently supports the HEI in applying to the Accreditation Council.


The HEI submits a self-assessment report documenting the fulfillment of the criteria. After AQ Austria has assessed the self-assessment report for its formal correctness and completeness and, if necessary, has given an opportunity for improvement, it draws up a formal report and appoints peer reviewers in accordance with § 25 MRVO and the criteria of the German Rectors´Conference. The agency normally carries out two on-site visits during which the peer reviewers convince themselves in interviews with representatives of the applicant HEI about the fulfillment of the accreditation requirments and the quality of the quality management system. Subsequently, the experts prepae a review report. The HEI is given the opportunity to comment on the report. AQ Austria will subsequently issue the accreditation report. The accreditation report, consisting of a formal report and a review report, is part of the application to the Accreditation Council. The HEI will again be given the opportunity for comments before the decision of the Accreditation Council.


The procedure of the appraisal procedure is regulated in detail in §§ 22-33 of the MRVO.



  • Interstate Treaty on the organization of a joint accreditation system to ensure the quality of teaching and learning at German higher education institutions (Interstate study accreditation treaty)
  • Specimen decree pursuant to Article 4, paragraphs 1 – 4
    of the interstate study accreditation treaty
  • Accreditation report type system accreditation (in German) 
  • Fee regulation of accreditation council (in German)