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Annual reports of the AQ Austria

AQ Austria has now published the annual report of 2014 for the reference period of 1 January 2014 - 31 December 2014. In 2014, after the full membership of ENQA was reconfirmed and the agency was included in the European Quality Assurance Register (EQAR), AQ Austria was able to successfully conclude the process for international recognition. The year 2014 was characterised by a significant increase in the number of quality assurance procedures that were carried out. In addition to the further definition and development of the evaluation procedures, two more tasks were assigned to AQ Austria – the notification of transnational degree programmes and the accreditation of doctoral studies at the Danube University Krems. The annual report includes statements on the agency's strategic and international points of focus, an overview of the new tasks assigned to AQ Austria, a summary of the quality assurance procedures carried out by the agency as well as its role as centre of excellence in Austria and abroad.

2014: Annual report of the AQ Austria (PDF) (in German)

2013: Annual report of the AQ Austria (PDF) (in German)

2012: Annual report of the AQ Austria (PDF)

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