International activities

AQ Austria participates actively in the improvement of quality assurance procedures at a European and international level.

Trends in quality audits

In 2018, the Quality Audit Network launched a survey among its members to find out about recent changes and upcoming developments cocerning the quality audit across Europe. The result of it is a report by Dietlinde Kastelliz (AQ Austria) and Orla Lynch (QQI), which includes both an analysis of the survey and the conclusions drawn from the information. Furthermore, it outlines possible future trends for external quality assurance.


The report can be downloaded here.

Paper and presentation at the European Quality Assurance Forums (EQAF) 2018

AQ Austria conducted an analyses questioning the relevance of societal objectives and their integration into the internal quality management system of HEIs`. The findings show how this issue is reflected in external quality audits in Austria. The empirical approach and the findings have been presented at EQAF 2018.


AQ Austria is partner within the ERASMUS+ project „Internal Quality Management: Evaluating and Improving Competence-Based Higher Education“

Project website,

Project, Internal Quality Management: Evaluating and Improving Competence-Based Higher Education (PDF)

ENQA Working Groups

Impact of Quality Assurance

The main focus of the working group, in which 20 agencies are represented, is to reflect on the impact of external quality assurance procedures on internal quality assurance at HEIs. Alongside a methodic document on impact analyses, the working group analyses possible strategies to measure the impact and gathers examples of good practice. The final report will be available in autumn 2014.

Staff Development

External quality assurance has a considerable influence on the recognition and development of HEIs. It is thus justifiable that HEI request adequate procedures and excellent reviewers as well as the maximum possible professionalism on the part of the quality assurance agency's employees. For the emerging occupational field of quality assurance, staff development plays an important role for the agencies. For this reason, AQ Austria participates in this working group, which is investigating possibilities of developing a staff development scheme.

Stakeholder Involvement in Quality Assurance Practices

This working group attends to the involvement of different stakeholders in external quality assurance. The main purpose of this working group is to set up a debate to identify ways of promoting and improving the active involvement of the different stakeholders related to the external quality assurance processes within the EHEA without losing sight of the national requirements within the different contexts.

Quality Audit Network (QAN)

The Quality Audit Network (QAN) unites European quality assurance agencies conducting review procedures of the internal management of HEIs. One of QAN's objectives is to compare the different procedural approaches and to define good practice. Another objective is to improve the procedures. Since the network was founded in 2008, AQ Austria has played a leading role in the work of QAN.

Based on an AQ Austria workshop that was held in April 2013 in Vienna, the agency has now issued a comparative analysis of quality audit procedures in the EHEA. Please find the publication here.

You can order a printed version here. (in German)

Twinning Project "Strengthening Institutional Capacity for Quality Assurance" in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The two year Twinning Project "Strenghtening Institutional Capacity for Quality Assurance" in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been closed after a two year implementation phase in September 2015. The project was guiding public and private higher education institutions as well as the Agency for Development of Higher Education and Quality Assurance (HEA) in developing sustainable structures in the area of external quality assurance and implementing accreditation procedures on institutional as well on programme level. Further information can be found here:

Experts project recommendation (PDF) (short version in BHS)
Experts project recommendation (PDF) (short version in English)

Experts project recommendation (PDF) (long version in BHS)
Experts project recommendation (PDF) (long version in Englisch)

Tempus Project STREAM

AQ Austria is a partner in the "Strengthening the Lifelong Learning in Environmental Sciences in Russia – STREAM" TEMPUS project, in which five agricultural universities contribute to the development and implementation of modular training programs (MTPs) on environmentally relevant topics in Russia, tailor-made to meet the needs of various target groups (secondary school students, undergraduates, graduate & postgraduate students, secondary school and university teachers, researchers, professionals, government employees). AQ Austria will provide guidance in this project and in cooperation with external experts, will evaluate part of the MTP in Russia.

Project website,